At Beauté Aroma we use the highest quality of products and offer Creative Acrylic and Brisa Gel
At your appointment we will advise you of the difference between these nail systems and discuss your lifestyle so that we are able to assess your suitability to the correct choice of Nail Enhancement.


Gel Full Set                             $65
Gel Refills                               $48        
Acrylic Full Set (French/Colour) $65 
Acrylic Refill (French/Colour)     $50   
Acrylic Full Set (Natural Tip)      $60     
Acrylic Straight Refill                 $43            
Repair Tips                              $7          
File Enhancement and Paint      $20     

Removal of Acrylics                                     $35                                                    
Shellac Polish (on top of nail enhancement)   $15
Shellac Removal                                         $15
Shellac Paint (no nailwork)                          $30