Your wedding is a very special occasion, at Beaute Aroma we aim to ensure perfection for your big day. We will completely pamper you in a relaxing, friendly environment, whilst ensuring your total satisfaction with our professional beauty services.

We offer a free bridal consultation where you are able to discuss with our therapists your requirements for the special day. Included in your consultation is an offer to have our therapist perform a skin analysis to determine the best regime to ensure your skin looks its best on the wedding day. We are happy to discuss options for packages to cater to your individual needs in lead up to the big day.

Enzyme Peeling Facial
An exfoliant with fruit enzymes and salicylic acid to help break down dead skin cells for smoother skin. Promotes clarification to reduce oiliness for a clearer skin.

45 minute treatment 95
6 Weekly Treatments @ 65 ea 390 Save 180


Lactic Acid Facial
This treatment offers exfoliating and moisture retention properties and will promote softer, smoother skin, as well as improvements in the appearance of fine lines.


60 minute treatment 110
6 Weekly Treatments @ 80 ea 480 Save 180

Lash & Brows
With all the emotions on the day, eyelash tinting can be a very wise decision to avoid running mascara. Lash perming and Lash extentions add the finishing touches to brighten and accentuate your eyes.

Eyebrow Tint 15
Eyelash Tint 25
Eyebrow and Lash Tint 35
Eyebrow Tint and Wax 28
Lash Perm 50
Lash Perm with Lash Tint 67
Temporary Lashes applied 35

Grafted Lashes
Single silk fibres applied individually to each of your own natural lashes to add volume and length. Very effective!

Full Set grafted lashes 90mins 125
Refill grafted lashes 60mins 85
Refill grafted lashes 30mins 55

Wedding Makeup- Please see 'Wedding Makeup' under Bridal section


Body Polish
A full body exfoliation with natural sea salts softens and revitalises the skin, followed by rich nourishing body crème.  

45 minutes 65

Detoxifying Slimming Body Wrap
Deeply detoxifying and decongesting, this body wrap reduces water retention and releases toxins in the lymphatic system that promotes cellulite.    

90 minutes Intro 99
Single treatment 135


Gel Full Set                                         65
Gel Refills                                           48
Bio Overlay Natural Nail                         50 
Acrylic Full Set (French/Colour)              65
Acrylic Refill (French/Colour                    48
Acrylic Full Set                                     60
Acrylic Refill                                         40    
Repair Tips                                           7
File Enhancement and Paint                  30
Gel or Acrylic Toes                               50
Removal of Nail Enhancements               35
Shellac Polish (add to nail enhancement) 15
Shellac Removal                                   15
Shellac Paint (no nailwork)                    30

We advise you to wax at least 24-48 hours before you have a spray tan applied.
At Beauté Aroma we use the highest quality of wax, tint and Hygiene, using both Hot wax and Strip wax to cater to all hair and skin types.
Special Offer: If having 3 or more waxing/tinting services at any one time you are entitled to 10% off total price at appointment.

Full Leg  40
Full Leg and Standard Bikini    55  
Half Leg or Upper Leg   25
Half Leg and Standard Bikini   40
Half Arm  25
Full Arm   35
Underarm  20
Bikini   22
G String Bikini  30
XX Bikini  40
XXX Bikini  45       
Lip or Chin  15
Lip and Chin  28
Brow Shape  18
Lip and Brow  28
Lip, Chin and Brow  40
Full Face  48

Back 45                                 
Shoulders 40            
Chest 40                               
Stomach  40
Arms  40
Legs  60


A Flawless UV Free Spray Tan for fair or deeper skin complexions, also catering for pregnant, sensitive or dryer skin types. Contains Certified Organic ingredients!

Walk in and out in under 15 minutes and shower in only 2 hours with a selection of three shades from our FLASH TAN range!

Full Body Application      35
Weekly Application         25
Purchase 3 Applications  90

Our products are made from a blend of the finest natural & botanical extracts available. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Creatine & Kakadu Plum Extract.

Pre Tan Preperation
SPRAY TAN works on the upper layers of your skin, which are constantly being shed through natural exfoliation. Your TAN will last longer if you exfoliate before getting your Spray Tan, using a body glove or professional exfoliating product from a tan range, pay particular attention to the knees, elbows and heels. Your skin must be completely free of any moisturiser, deodorant or perfumes before getting your Spray Tan.
Any waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hour prior.
When getting your Spray Tan you may wear as little as you like or a full bathing suit. Most people wear just a G-String but this is a personal choice. All our Spray Tan Technicians are fully trained to operate in a discreet manner and fully respect client confidentially.
The application of the product takes less than 10 minutes and feels touch dry almost immediately. It is recommended that you wear light loose clothing after being sprayed as full development of your tan will take 6 - 8 hours and you any undue friction from tight clothing may affect the final result.

After Tan Care
Our Spray Tan Technician will advise you of the best aftercare advice at your appointment and  recommend you suitable products from our Spray Tan range to help you maintain your tan.











Back Treatment
Look sensational in your wedding dress with no worries. This relaxing yet deep cleansing treatment for your back will rid impurities and smooth the skin leaving it looking silky and blemish free.

45 minutes 70
Add a relaxing back massage 25


A massage, as the big day approaches will allow you to totally relax and relieve any tension.
Blended Essential oils applied to your body will improve circulation, loosen toxins, relieve tense muscles to completely de-stress.

Full Body Massage 60minutes 80 
Back, Neck and Shoulders 30minutes 50
Face, Neck and Shoulders 30minutes 50

Hot Stone Therapy
Inspiring mental and physical wellbeing through skilfully applied massage and deep penetrating heat. One stroke of the stone is equivalent to ten strokes of the hand. Completely Divine!

Full Body Massage 90minutes 130
Back of the Body 60minutes 90
Back, neck and shoulders 30minutes 60


Express Manicure   45minutes 40
Hand and nail spa soak, cuticle treatment, nail shape and buff, nail strengthener or polish application

Express Pedicure   45minutes 50
Foot and nail spa soak, cuticle treatment, nail shape and buff, nail strengthener or polish application

Pampering Manicure   75minutes 60
Hand and nail spa soak, cuticle treatment, nail shape and buff, Salt scrub hand and arm exfoliation, pampering hand and arm massage, nail strengthener or polish application

Pampering Pedicure   75minutes 70
Foot and nail spa soak, cuticle treatment, nail shape and buff, Salt scrub foot and leg exfoliation, pampering foot and leg massage, nail strengthener or polish application

Paraffin/ Masque Indulgence Manicure   90minutes 75
Hand and nail spa soak, cuticle treatment, nail shape and buff, Salt scrub hand and arm exfoliation, Indulging hand and arm massage, Nourishing hand masque, nail strengthener or polish application

Paraffin/ Masque Idulgence Pedicure   90minutes 85
Foot and nail spa soak, cuticle treatment, nail shape and buff, Salt scrub foot and leg exfoliation, Indulging foot and leg massage, Nourishing foot masque, nail strengthener or polish application

Shellac Removal and Reapplication   45
Shellac removed, express nail tidy, Shellac reapplied to nails

Add Shellac or French paint to any hand or foot service 10


At Beauté Aroma we use the highest quality of products and offer Creative Acrylic, Brisa Gel and Bio-Sculpture Gel.
At your appointment we will advise you of the difference between these nail systems and discuss your lifestyle so that we are able to assess your suitability to the correct choice of Nail Enhancement.