FORMOSTAR Far Infrared Body Wrap
The Formostar is unqiue. Far Infrared energy is transferred to the body using non-allergenic silicone wraps, fastened with colour velcros. This energy, which we feel as heat, is in the same waveband as the energy that our body recieves naturally from the sun. Formostar uses infrared energy in a controlled manner to therapeutically target specific areas of the body. It provides a fast and effective way of enhancing wellbeing and accelerating weightloss through increased metabolism.


Formostar stimulates the body's natural metabolic processes using deep penetrating heat to reach areas where fat is normally stored. Its effect is similar to an intensive workout, without the pain or fatigue. Up to 1200 calories can be burnt in one session.

Detoxification The heating process releases toxins into the bloodstream and the sweat glands to help clean out the body and provide smoother skin and a greater feeling of wellbeing.

Pain Relief Heat is widely recognised as providing relief for pain sufferers. The Formostar has had considerable success in helping with arthritis, back pain and joint mobility problems.

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Introduction NEW clients 2 sessions for $99

Single Session $75

Packages available and catered to your individual needs on consult

Seaclay Detoxifying and Contouring Mud Wrap

This body wrap helps rid you body of toxins with a firming and toning process that gives immediate results. The natural seaclay contains herbal extracts and amino nutrients, opening pores and drawing out toxins from the skin and soft tissue layers.

We use pressure bandages soaked in natural seaclay applied to the body tightly. This compacts the detoxified fatty tissues, reducing overall measurements in the area that needs it most. Our body wrap will firm and tighten the skin to show the full results of your inch loss, a process that produces results by detoxifying and contouring your body.

Our body wrap is completely safe, natural and an effective treatment. You can wrap as often as you wish, best results come from a program of 3-4 wraps at least 2 weeks apart.

Revitalise tired, sallow skin. Absorb impurities, detox and contour the body in this relaxing mud wrap with Instant inch loss.

(90 minutes) Intro $99 (Add a Facial Enzyme Peel Treatment) $160

Single Mud Wrap Treatment $135

Packages available and catered to your individual needs on consult

Organic Slimming Coffee and Tea

Then this may be the answer for you!

ALL_SVELTE Organic coffee beans available in Lite and Dark.
Just one cup of coffee in the morning before breakfast will become your slimming tool by assisting to suppress the appetite, giving a feeling of satiation, prohibit the body to store fat & minimize absorption of carbohydrates so that reserves of stored body fat can be released to be burned for energy. Mid morning and Mid afternoon, a cup of ALL-SVELTE Superb tea will help suppress cravings for unhealthy snacks or comfort foods, provide a sense of calmness and mental energy to concentrate on the task at hand.

Box Coffee Lite, Dark or Superb Tea $75
Trial pack of all three 12