The Collagen Infusion Masques work in perfect synergy with the micro current treatment. Combine these two treatments and the results are faster, deeper and longer lasting- the ultimate improvement!
The Infusions treatments are at the forefront of research into natural products effective in facial skin improvement. Technique infusion offers treatments individually designed and totally results orientated.

Fast forward your Dynamic Lift treatment! Micro current application enables Marine Collagen to move quickly in to the deeper dermal layers of the face, smoothing fine lines and revitalising tired tissues. The amazing result: a youthful look with improved elasticity and texture.
Repair complex incorporates the unique benefits of ingredients such as Vine Extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, Q10, Vitamin C and E, Azulene and Amino Acids in a luxurious and unique treatment for tired and stressed skin.
This treatment involves an exceptional formula dedicated to softening the appearance of lines and wrinkles by relaxing the sub-dermal facial muscles,  which create and support the lines that appear on the face and neck. Peptides are the essential dynamic active ingredient which effectively relax tense facial muscles.
The natural phyto-estrogens nurture damaged skin, whilst enhancing its ability to retain moisture. As the masque begins to activate the facial skin will firm, with lines and wrinkles starting to smooth. Your skin will embrace the dynamic actions of the masque to take on a new, more youthful texture and appearance, with improved elasticity and glow.
There is no better combination to help prevent the signs of ageing and damage from our harsh climate.


  • Accelerates skin metabolism, reinforcing skin growth
  • Intensely hydrating and nourshing
  • Anti-pigmentation
  • Brightens Complexion- great for sallow skin
  • Improves dark circles, puffy eyes
  • Nutrients instantly penetrate, softening fine lines and wrinkles
  • Instant plumping effect
  • Cooling and soothing relief to stressed skin
  • Promotes blood circulation, increasing oxygen in skin
  • Active ingredients promote skin regeneration
  • can relieve symptoms of allergies such as inflammation and irritation

Anti-Ageing Collagen Infusion Facial
An intense boost for skin needing a big drink of nourishment. Plump fine lines with intense serums and Marine Collagen in this completely relaxing and results oriented facial treatment.
Suitable for ageing, dehydrated and dry skin.

(60 minutes) 140

Collagen Infusion Masque
Available as an add on to any skin treatment. Optimal results with Microdermabrasion and Dynamic Lift.

(15 minutes) 65