Dramatic, lasting results have led to this system being referred as 'the non-surgical facelift' or perhaps better referred to as 'the full-facial workout' without any hard work.

Think of how age, stress and fatigue affect your facial muscles. This is the key to the look of your facial skin- sagging, out of shape facial muscles literally 'let your skin down'. Firm facial muscles create smooth, younger looking skin. The Dynamic Lift uses infinitely adjustable micro currents combined with LED light therapy to wake up and timulate tired facial muscles. Applied through smoothly contoured wands, the treatment is painless, pleasant and invigorating.
The inclusion of LED light therapy was inspired by nature; a little time in natural light is invigorating. Research has proven that light is good for our skin and that particular light colour ranges have a possitive effect on skin health. The Dynamic lift uses the four colour ranges proven to achieve profoundly positive results on the skin health.
The Dynamic Lift works around the eyes, face and neck to reinvigorate areas that have grown tired and over stressed. Tone and elasticity soon return, along with smooth skin that you'll love. That refreshed, healthy glow can be yours again!
More than two years of research have gone into making the Dynamic Lift with LED Light Therapy the very best treatment for optimum facial skin results. One of the systems key benefits is computer-controlled skin Moisture Testing- an exciting breakthrough that takes the guess work our of treating individual skin types. The Dynamic Lift gives precise information regarding your skin's hydration, allowing the ideal treatment to be applied every single time. It's absoultely unique!

Visible results are rapid with The Dynamic Lift. Just six to twelve sessions will produce a dramatic difference. This is a normal average result, but many clients remark on a visible improvement after their very first treatment. A follow-up treatment every three to four weeks will maintain your new look.
You'll be looking and feeling wonderful in well under the time it would take to recover from painful surgery. The Dynamic Lift may soon make traditional facelifts a thing of the past!


  • Treat your face to an invigorating workout with the Dynamic Lift and you'll see the benefits every time you look in the mirror.
  • Smoothes lines and wrinkles for a fresher looking complexion
  • Toned facial muscles give firmer skin contours
  • Improved skin texture
  • Improved moisture retention
  • Finer pores promote elasticity
  • Smoothed laughter and stress lines

(60 Minute Treatment) 135

Introduction for New Clients  99

Packages available and are catered to your individual needs on consult