Our unique massage therapy spa menu is focused on helping you to relax, release stress, tension and toxins from our bodies.  For anyone working in a busy working environment the benefits of massage therapy are greatly needed on a regular basis.  Excessive stress or exertion in our lives can cause uncomfortable muscular tension. Having tension or tightness also means your body is allowing less circulation of the blood and oxygen throughout your muscles, and body, and thus, a build-up of toxins in the body is created leaving you feeling  lethargic and tired all the time.

At Beauté Aroma, we pride ourselves in delivering a pure indulgent spa experience for you. Our trained massage therapists will cater the right techniques and pressure to ensure that each individual will leave with an unforgettable Beauté Aroma touch

Deep tissue massage relaxes tense muscles and releases trapped toxins

Blended essential oils help restore balance of mind and body in this relaxing massage

Back and Neck (30 minutes) $55
Scalp Face & Full Body (60 minutes) $85

Hot Stone
Inspires mental and physical wellbeing through skillfully applied massage and deep penetrating heat

Back and Neck (30minutes) $60
Back of the Body (60minutes) $90
Full Body (90minutes) $135

Warm Bamboo
All the traditional benefits of massage and comforting heat. Kneading and rolling with Bamboo sticks and oil to relax tense muscles. An amazing sensation available as a single or double treatment.

(30 Minutes) $60 each
(90 Minutes) $135 each

NEW-RainDrop Aromatherapy Technique
Very Relaxing Massage Combining 9 holistic modalities to bring balance & alignment to the body also stimulated all the body systems on a physical & emotionally level.

90 mins $135

Twice as Nice
Pure indulgence in our double treatment room in the Beaute Aroma Retreat!
A Candlelit ambience for you and a partner or friend to share your choice of:

1.  Aroma full body massage or
2.  Swedish full body massage or
3.  Full Body Salt Polish

60 minutes 2 people $150

Massage Therapy Benefits

·         Relieves stress and promotes an overall feeling of relaxation, helping you breathe and move more easily

·         Alleviates pain and tension

·         Decreases inflammation

·         Promotes speedy recovery from injuries

·         Increases mobility and provides greater joint flexibility and range of motion

·         Improves poor circulation

·         Improves and strengthens immune system

·         Relieves musculoskeletal problems and improves posture

·         Relieves pregnancy discomforts

·         Reduces anxiety and promotes an overall feeling of well-being

·         Increases body awareness