At Beauté Aroma we use the highest quality of wax, tint and Hygiene, using both Hot wax and Strip wax to cater to all hair and skin types.
Special Offer: If having 3 or more waxing services at any one time you are entitled to 10% off total price at appointment.

Full Leg  $45
Full Leg and Standard Bikini    $55  
Half Leg or Upper Leg   $25/$35
Half Leg and Standard Bikini   $40
Half Arm  $25
Full Arm   $35
Underarm  $20
Standard Bikini  $ 22
G String Bikini  $30
XX Bikini  $40
XXX Bikini  $45       
Lip or Chin  $15
Lip and Chin  $28
Brow Shape  $18
Lip and Brow  $28
Lip, Chin and Brow  $40
Full Face  $48
Sides of Face $18

Back   $45                               
Shoulders and arms   $40          
Chest and abdominal $40                          
Legs  $60

Lash Tint  $25
Brow Tint  $15
Brow Tint and Wax  $28
Lash and Brow Tint  $35
Lash Perm   $50


Introducing      ‘The New Smooth’
A new choice for a natural, safe & superior way to eliminate Body Hair with Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring.

Hairfree & well conditioned ingrown free skin is the core of why Alexandria Body Sugaring exists!
Full circle of skin conditioning
Step 1
Soften and repair your skin with Phenomenall skin repair. This unique holistic formulation softens the dead skin cells, repairs micro scars & damaged follicle pores often associated with yanking hair against its natural direction. Apply twice daily till the problem is resolved. Regular use helps prevent ingrown hairs from reoccurring & maximizes exfoliation results.
Step 2
Hydrate your skin everyday with Restore Lotion. This non-comedegenic lotion protects your skin from dryness and is formulated with transdermal characteristics so is easily absorbed. Avoid lotions with animal or petroleum by-products that can clog follicles & cause other complications.
Step 3
Take a minute in the shower or bath daily & gently buff your skin with your Massage Gloves.
Step 4
Back to your Alexandria Professional salon for your next Sugaring treatment & from now on only remove hair in its natural direction of growth.

Price list for Men

(to be advised)

Price list for Women

(to be advised)

Introductory Offer!
Choose 1 area for Sugaring and receive a 2nd area at 50% off!
A bonus treatment after 6 consecutive visits!
Offer Valid for a limited time only

Hair removed in its natural direction of growth
Hair removed as short as 1.5mm
Effective as little as 2 days after shaving
Removal discomfort is significantly reduced
‘Ingrowns’ from shaving/waxing are removed
Ingrowns are virtually eliminated
100% Bacteria Free
100% free from cross contamination
Natural ingredients vs. chemical based
Won’t burn or sensitize the skin
Safe on varicose & spider veins
Safe on dry, itchy, psoraisis or eczema skin
Penetrates to lift debris/dead cells, unclog pores
Leaves no sticky residue

Our Therapists are certified Alexandria Professionals™ & ensure your Sugaring treatments will be a pleasant experience with results you won’t regret!